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Comprehensive Mediation Services in Sudbury

If you are trying to resolve a legal dispute without going to court, mediation can be a very effective tool. A completely voluntary process, mediation involves having both parties meet with a mediator who is there to help them agree to a resolution without taking either side. At Brunet-McFadden Professional Corporation, we provide experienced mediation in Sudbury as part of our services. Throughout the mediation process, we will help you clearly define the issue(s) from all sides, and understand each person's position in order to help you move closer to a resolution that can satisfy your needs. In the simplest terms, mediation involves negotiation

If you are looking for mediation services in Sudbury, reach out to us now for professional and experienced services.

Schedule Mediation in the Sudbury Area

Mediation can work as long as all parties involved have realistic expectations and go in with an open mind towards seeking a compromise. Brunet-McFadden Professional Corporation is experienced in many areas of family law. Contact us today to request a consultation so we can discuss whether or not mediation in Sudbury is a good option for you and your specific issue(s). At that time, we will also give you a detailed explanation of our billing system and our acceptable methods of payment, so you know what to expect up front.

Apart from mediation services in Sudbury, we also provide services in real estate law and more. If you cannot visit our office, we can arrange a telephone consultation or make alternate arrangements to accommodate you.

Why Does the Mediation Process Work?

Mediation works primarily because most individuals want to avoid high court costs and significant delays when it comes to resolving their disputes. In many cases, mediation can be a more efficient method of resolving a dispute because it involves a skilled, impartial mediator whose primary focus is upon seeking common ground for a settlement. Both parties are given a more realistic view of their case and the results they would likely achieve, should it go to court. It is also a confidential process, typically held in a private office or meeting room without a public record made of the proceedings. This is also appealing for many, especially those in the public eye. If a settlement cannot be reached, anything discussed during the mediation process is ruled as inadmissible, should the parties end up taking the matter to court.

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Our team offers professional mediation services to customers across Sudbury.

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