Reliable Legal Services in Sudbury

Brunet-McFadden Professional Corporation offers an extensive list of legal services in Sudbury including, but not limited to:

We offer an extensive list of legal services including, but not limited to:

  • Residential Real Estate Transactions, including purchases, sales, mortgages (refinances), Agreements of Purchase and Sale, Transfers, Survivorship Application, etc.;
  • Family Law, including Separation Agreements, Parenting Agreements, Divorces, Cohabitation Agreements, Pre-Nuptial Agreement, Negotiations, etc.;
  • Mediation Services;
  • Wills and Powers of Attorney;
  • Estate Planning;
  • Notarial Services;
  • General Assistance;
  • Special Services.


Brunet-McFadden Professional Corporation provides a wide range of legal services for Sudbury and offers all-inclusive packages with competitive pricing to applicable files and transactions.


Brunet-McFadden Professional Corporation will assess your situation and give you a detailed explanation of our billing system and acceptable methods of payment, all while determining which avenue is right for you.


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We accept payments by way of cash and cheque only.

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