Residential Real Estate Lawyers in Sudbury

Buying or selling a home is a huge undertaking, and one that should not be taken lightly. The savvy shopper understands the importance of having an experienced real estate lawyer in their corner to help keep them abreast of the many practices involving the laws of real property. If you’re looking for a residential real estate lawyer in the Sudbury area, consider Brunet-McFadden Professional Corporation for all your specific legal needs.


Our real estate lawyers in Sudbury can provide invaluable assistance in negotiations involving you, your real estate agent and the other party involved in the transaction. We’re trained in many areas of real estate law, including

  • Agreements of purchase and sale
  • Mortgages (refinances)
  • Land transfers
  • Survivorship applications and more.

You can be assured that our lawyers in Sudbury will strive to bring justice to your case. With years of experience and expertise in this area, we are capable of handling all kinds

of cases.

How Does the Home Buying Process Work?


The usual home buying process begins with a seller entering a contract with a real estate agent. That agent then finds a potential home buyer and negotiations between the two parties are conducted through the agent(s). Once an informal agreement has been reached, a formal written contract – a purchase agreement – is drafted between the buyer and the seller, and the buyer then obtains their commitment for financing. Upon closing, the property is legally transferred from the seller to the buyer and the seller receives the purchase price agreed upon in the contract. Although this may seem straightforward, sometimes certain complications can arise throughout the process – complications that would make having a real estate lawyer present seem like a good idea.

The Advantages of Having a Real Estate Lawyer


Whether you’re buying or selling property, here are some of the many advantages of working with an experienced residential real estate lawyer in Sudbury:

  • We can help you avoid unclear terms – The standard forms used by many real estate agents can be a bit vague, especially when it comes to unusual circumstances (i.e. what happens when the property contains hazardous waste, what happens when the closing doesn’t take place or the financing doesn’t go through, what happens when making planned renovations to the property will violate zoning ordinances, etc.). It’s best practice to have a real estate lawyer look over all legal documents involving the transaction before they’re signed to ensure that all terms of the agreement are clear and in your best interest.
  • We ensure all property taxes are up-to-date – The last thing you want to tack on to your purchase are claims listed against your property. We check to make sure that the property has a valid title and all property taxes are up-to-date, as well as calculate the land transfer tax that will be due in your closing costs.
  • We provide invaluable assistance with closings – The closing process can be rather complex for both the buyer and the seller. There may even be last-minute disputes about personal property, closing costs or property taxes. You definitely don’t want to be the only party present without a lawyer to advise you and look out for your rights.

Our real estate lawyers in Sudbury are patient and work with you to understand your situation. We provide legal solutions and advice to resolve your disputes. With years of experience, our lawyers are ready to guide you through the legal aspects of your real estate transactions.  

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Buying or selling a home is likely to be one of the biggest transactions you’ll ever encounter in your lifetime. Wouldn’t you like peace of mind in knowing that your investment has been adequately protected?


If you need an experienced real estate lawyer in Sudbury to provide assistance with your real estate transaction, call Brunet-McFadden Professional Corporation to schedule a confidential consultation today. If you are looking for mediation, We’re happy to help!

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