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Privacy & Communications With Brunet-McFadden Professional Corporation

The internet is not a secure place and your privacy cannot be guaranteed, especially when it comes to email. We therefore strongly recommend that you do not use email to send confidential information to our law office. If you have any concerns with respect to the confidential information contained in an email, we strongly recommend that you call our office to book an appointment. Alternatively, you may forward the information to our office via facsimile. Also, please note, you cannot retain the services of Brunet-McFadden Professional Corporation by way of email or facsimile. The process of retaining the lawyer must be completed in person and sending communications to Brunet-McFadden Professional Corporation via email, or via facsimile, does not establish solicitor-client privilege and thus does not apply. If you proceed with sending an email to our office, you are hereby acknowledging that you have been advised of the risks and ramifications involved with sending confidential information to our office, via email, and you hereby acknowledge that you have read and understand that solicitor-client privilege will not apply to emails sent to Brunet-McFadden Professional Corporation and confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.

Legal advice

We offer legal advice in Sudbury.

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