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Professional Notary Services in Sudbury

If you need authentication and legalization of certain documents, you must seek the assistance of a professional notary. A notary is an government-authorized agent who formulates, executes, and authenticates legal documents. Notary services are hired to verify and certify the signing of important legal instruments. Notary verification of documents helps prevent the risk of fraudulent practices and provides credibility to the documents. If you are looking for reputable notary services in Sudbury, reach out to the experienced lawyers at Brunet-McFadden Professional Corporation. We are a leading law firm in the region and offer a full range of legal services. With our consistent hard work, integrity, and dedicated efforts, we have earned the trust of all our clients. Our simple, affordable, and swift notarization process will make your experience hassle-free. Call us today to discuss your doubts and help us understand how we may help you.

Female notary stamping document agreement at table.jpeg

Who Is a Notary?

A notary is a government-authorized, neutral third party who verifies the authenticity of a legal document and the signer's identity. The performs the key role of a witness while the documents are being signed. 


A notary must be unbiased and impartial. He/she has to remain uninfluenced by factors such as race, gender, religion, and ethnicity of the signer while delivering their duties.

Benefits of Notarizing Documents

Notarization helps certify that the documents in question are authentic and credible per the law. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of notarizing your legal documents:

Smooth execution of the signing process: Verification of a document by a notary deems the document legally valid and genuine. Thus, no party can deny signing the document.

Increases the credibility of documents: There are certain documents which need to be notarized so they can be considered authentic.

A notarized document is sufficient evidence: A document authenticated by a notary serves as evidence in a court of law. Hence, you do not need to spend time and money getting a witness.

If you would like to learn more about the advantages of hiring notary services or discuss if you should notarize your documents, speak to our team in Sudbury.

What We Notarize

Apart from notarization, we offer effective drafting services too. We can draft and notarize a wide variety of legal instruments. Have a look at some of the documents we offer our notary services for:

Law relationship affidavit

Consent to travel document 

Income affidavit

Identity affidavit

Letter of invitation (to invite persons to visit Canada)

Name change affidavit

Single parent affidavit

Birth certificate correction declaration

Permanent residency card applications

And more

Our notarization process is secure and streamlined to address your needs effectively. You will be glad to hire our swift and convenient services. Call us.

Our Notarization Process

A notary is responsible for verifying the identity of the person signing a document. He/she needs to ensure that the signer knows the content and purpose of the signed document. Read on to learn more about the notarization process we follow:

Please book your appointment: Select a time and schedule an appointment with our notarization team.

Present your documents: The notary will check and scrutinize your documents.

Identity verification: You will be requested to present valid identification proof so the notary can confirm your identity.

Signing the documents: You will be signing the documents securely in the notary's presence.

Payment of fee: You will pay the notarization fee as per the agreed mode of payment and receive your notarized documents. 

At Brunet-McFadden Professional Corporation, we maintain strict confidentiality and privacy policies. If you have any questions regarding notary services, we are here to help.

Female notary stamping document agreement at table.jpeg

Need Notary Services in Sudbury?

Our expert will notarize your documents swiftly, easily and securely.

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